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csxsystemmap75As a CSX Rail Major Terminal, the Unicoi County seat of Erwin is the daily host to millions of tons of gods that run our daily lives.  As each train rolls through laden with merchandise to stock your mall and big box stores, food for your favorite restaraunt, the latest model cars, fuel to heat your home, minerals, paper, agriculture products and every possible item that makes our lives what they are, Erwin continues to be a major lifeline connecting the midwest and northeast to the southern United States.

With more than 21,000 miles of track connecting 70 ports in the CSX network, Unicoi County is a central keystone inthe CSX family of terminals.

Every day CSX carries more than 20,000 carloads of critical freight we all depend on.  Last year CSX handled 1,707,552 of them.  Many passed our front doors on the way to their destinations.  Many of that total were connected right here.

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